3 Tricks for Lowering Your Energy Bills

Maintaining the right temperature in your home is key to feeling comfortable all year, especially during the intense summers in West Palm Beach, FL. As amazing as it feels to come in from the outdoors and relax in a cool, comfortable house, it feels significantly less amazing when you open the monthly energy bill. Fortunately, our experts here at Kyzar Air Conditioning, Inc. know ways to cut down your energy bills without shutting off your heating and cooling system.

1. Close Your Blinds

Windows offer beautiful views, but sometimes those scenic vistas come at a price. Windows let in sunlight, which can raise the internal temperature of your home by a few degrees. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s enough to force your AC to work harder during the day. To cut down on solar rays heating up your house, simply close the shades during daylight hours.

2. Program Your Thermostat

When you’re relaxing at home, you want the ambient temperature to be comfortable, but it doesn’t matter if your house is a few degrees warmer while you’re away at work. A programmable thermostat allows you total control over your thermostat’s schedule. You can schedule your AC to work harder while you’re at home and warm up by a few degrees when you leave for the day. The less your AC works, the more money you save.

3. Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

Many homeowners don’t realize that their heating and cooling systems benefit from routine maintenance. Even minor maintenance issues like a buildup of dust on your AC’s conversion coils can cause the system to work less efficiently and raise your energy bills. Be sure to have your HVAC system tuned up at least annually by the professional technicians at Kyzar Air Conditioning, Inc..

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