Debunking 3 Cooling System Myths

Air conditioning is a modern amenity that most of us couldn’t imagine living without. Cooling a home can also be expensive, and many homeowners strive to balance comfort and affordability. But effective and efficient cooling isn’t always as obvious as it may seem, and there are some rather pervasive misconceptions about cooling that can actually cost homeowners more in the end.

1. The Bigger the Better

As a leading cooling company in Palm Beach, Kyzar Air Conditioning, Inc. encounters the bigger the better mentality often. In actuality, most experts recommend sizing a centralized air conditioner precisely to the home. An oversized unit will cycle on and off too frequently, which will put unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment. Oversized units can also create bursts of cooled air that fool the system and exacerbate the problem with cycling.

2. Lower Thermostat, Faster Cooling!

Many people believe that setting a thermostat even lower will help them achieve their ideal temperature faster, but that isn’t how centralized systems work. If your home is at 75 degrees and you set it to either 68 or 60 degrees, it will get to 70 at the same time in both cases! Setting it lower isn’t necessarily bad, but you may forget about it, and we recommend programmable thermostats anyway.

3. Close Vents and Rooms to Save

A common misconception is that you can close vents in an unused room to lower energy costs, but this actually creates additional pressure in the system. That makes the system work harder and thus costs more. Likewise, closing off an unused room restricts airflow. At best, your home will be cooled less evenly, but it can actually cause your system to work harder. Homeowners who want control over particular rooms and areas should consider a zoned system.

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