Symptoms of a Broken AC Motor

Without its motor, your cooling system would not be able to push air throughout your property. Therefore, if the motor breaks down, you will no doubt want to have it repaired as quickly as possible. You can tell that your AC motor may be having issues if you notice any of the following symptoms.

No Cold Air

If you notice that your vents do not seem to be blowing any cold air, you may have a broken AC motor. A professional technician will be able to check and confirm if this is indeed the issue.

Unusual Noises

Most homeowners are fairly familiar with how their cooling system normally sounds. If you notice any usual noises, your motor may be acting up. Pay special attention to loud rattling, buzzing, and humming sounds.

Stationary Fan Blades

When you take a look at the outdoor compressor of a fully functioning cooling system, you will notice that the fan blades are turning. If your AC is turned on but the fan is not moving, you almost certainly have an issue with your motor.

Continually Rotating Fan Blades

When you turn off your AC, your fan should stop rotating. If yours keeps spinning long after you have turned off the system, you may have a problem.

AC Cuts Out

When your cooling system clicks on, it should stay on until you turn it off or until the interior of the building reaches the desired temperature. If you notice your system periodically cutting out for no apparent reason, you may have an overheated motor. A skilled AC technician can properly diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs.

Keeping West Palm Beach Cool

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