What to do About a Rusty Air Conditioner

September 5, 2019

An air conditioner is designed so that moisture drips or runs away from the metal parts inside of it. However, there are times when moisture gets inside of a unit and causes corrosion. It is also possible for salt or moisture to harm the outside of a compressor unit, and you should take action quickly to prevent serious damage. 1. Repair or Replace Your AC In most cases, corrosion will have the biggest impact on refrigerant lines and evaporator coils. If rust starts to form on a compressor unit, it could result in refrigerant leaks or a buildup of refrigerant on the coil itself. These can be serious issues that may result in significant repairs or the need to replace the entire unit. Ideally, you will call a professional from in West Palm Beach to maintain, repair or replace your air conditioner if issues develop. 2. Call for Service Even if Your Unit Was Just Serviced It cannot be stressed enough how quickly rust can develop and spread. In some cases, rust can eat away at most of an air conditioner unit in a matter of days. Therefore, be sure to call for service as soon as you see rust...

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