3 Benefits of Water Source Heat Pumps

November 30, 2018

Are you looking for affordable heating for your home or commercial facility without interfering a lot with the carbon cycle? Water source heat pumps offer the best solution on this end. With only a small amount of electricity, you can get renewable heat from lakes and rivers into your house. Water source heat pumps have a host of benefits that have made them a preferred choice among numerous homeowners. 1. Minimal energy consumption The water source provides adequate energy thanks to the natural heat that is produced from its exposure to the sun. The water source heat pump will not require a lot of electricity to run efficiently. The reduced consumption of energy compounds their efficiency which is considerably high compared to other heat pumps. You can look forward to 5 units of heat for every unit of electricity as their coefficient of performance is ranked at 5. It also ensures that you don’t add to the carbon footprint. 2. Compatible with other heating systems If you’ve already installed a different heating system and are thinking of getting a water source heat pump, then you won’t have to lose the previously installed system. You can choose to use both of...

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