How to Check Your Home for Air Leaks

May 2, 2019

Air leaks will have a number of bad consequences for your home. Besides forcing you to put up with uncomfortable drafts, they will also hike your electric bills. Here are some ways to check your home for air leaks. Visual or Manual Inspections This is the quickest way to inspect your home. Check for areas where the foundation meets the siding or any two other different surfaces come together. Visually inspect these seams for cracks or gaps. You should also check such areas in the interior of your home. You can run your hand over them to feel if there is any air coming through. Building Pressurization Test This is another basic test that involves turning off practically everything in your home, including the furnace or air conditioner. Leave your exhaust fans on, however. You will then need to close all the doors and windows. Next, you will light an incense stick and move it around the areas that can be common sites of leakage. Look to see if and how the smoke is moving. If it is being sucked out of the room, you have found the leak. You can also manually feel for a leak using your wet...

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