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Do Central Air Conditioning Systems Recirculate or Vent Fresh Air?

Modern living is not complete without central air conditioning systems, which have become a norm in most homes and building today. Many people, however, wonder how these systems operate and whether they vent fresh air or recirculate indoor air.

What’s the Difference Between Recirculated Air and Venting Fresh Air?

Most central air conditioning systems work by recirculating air. This means that the air within your home is continuously circulated through the system, which filters and cools the air before delivering it back into the living space. This process helps maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level throughout the home and can help cut energy expenses due to its efficient nature.

Venting fresh air, on the other hand, involves bringing in outside air to replace the indoor air. Commercial buildings typically use this method, because it is important to ensure indoor air quality is high and forestall the development of contaminations and impurities. Additionally, ventilation systems can assist in the removal of excess moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Which Method Is Better? 

Whether recirculating air or venting fresh air is better depends on a variety of factors, such as the size and layout of the space and the local climate.

Although there are some disadvantages to recirculating air, it can be an effective method for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. For instance, if the air filters are not changed or cleaned on a regular basis, they may become clogged, reducing the effectiveness of the system. In addition, recirculating air does not bring in fresh air from the outside, which can result in the accumulation of allergens and pollutants.

Fresh air can help improve indoor air quality and lower the risk of health issues brought on by pollutants in the air. However, because the system will have to work harder to maintain a consistent indoor temperature, it may also be less energy efficient, particularly in areas with extreme temperatures.

Fortunately, it is possible to combine the advantages of fresh air venting and recirculating. Utilizing a system with either an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) or a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) as components are one option. Heat and moisture are exchanged between the indoor and outdoor air streams by these systems, which can help lower energy costs and improve indoor air quality.

Using a hybrid system that combines fresh air venting and recirculating is another option. Some systems, for instance, use sensors to detect the quality of the air inside and automatically switch, as necessary, between recirculating and venting fresh air. This can help to ensure that the air is clean and fresh while also preserving a comfortable indoor environment.

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