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Kyzar’s Cool Club Maintenance Agreementservice

Kyzar’s Cool Club: One of the simplest methods to cut costs on significant AC repairs is by consistently maintaining and inspecting your system for potential problems. Similar to how your car requires periodic tune-ups, oil changes, or tire rotations, your air conditioner operates most effectively when it receives regular care. Neglecting routine maintenance increases the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns in HVAC systems, which could have been avoided with basic measures and seasonal inspections conducted by a qualified technician. Our uniquely designed maintenance process will help you reduce expenses throughout your system's lifespan.

Kyzar’s Cool Club Service and Benefits: At Kyzar Air Conditioning, our certified technicians provide an array of services aimed at preserving the longevity of your AC unit. When you book a maintenance appointment with our team, our goal is to mitigate the potential for costly breakdowns, enhance indoor air quality in your home, reduce energy expenses and ensure consistent home comfort throughout the year.

What services are performed during maintenance twice per year?

In addition to the scheduled maintenance included in your Cool Club agreement, you'll benefit from discounted service calls, no extra charges for overtime, a 15% discount on all repairs and labor, 5% discount on duct cleaning, and priority service 7 days per week.

OPTION 1 Basic plan


19 Point Visual Inspection

OPTION 2 Deluxe plan

*includes services in “Basic” plan

Up to 70 Point Tune-Up

1 Raffle Entry Per Year *Prizes Include:

OPTION 3 Premier plan

*includes services in “Deluxe” plan

Up to 70 Point Tune-Up

2 Raffle entries per year*Prizes Include:

Exclusive to Kyzar’s membership is the accrual of $100 per year towards a new system for every year the contract remains active. For example, if you are a member for 5 years and need to replace your system, you will automatically receive $500 off the new unit. *Not to exceed $700.

Terms of Enrollment

This is a planned maintenance agreement provided to you by Kyzar Air Conditioning. Annual Maintenance is a condition of your manufacturer’s warranty. You will see the benefits far outweigh the investment of this pro-active service. You will be invited to renew your enrollment on the expiration date of this agreement. Your maintenance technician can answer any questions you may have during their visits. One major repair discount can more than pay for this valuable program.

Your air conditioner keeps you comfortable throughout the year and you want to ensure that the system is operating properly and efficiently. A planned maintenance agreement makes sure that the system is tuned-up and properly functioning at all times.

Kyzar Air Conditioning, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. We have been servicing residents in Palm Beach and Martin Counties since 2005. We offer comprehensive A/C Maintenance Plans designed to maximize the efficiency and the life of your air conditioning units.

We are licensed and insured in Florida. Our technicians are trained on the maintenance of both Residential and Commercial air conditioning systems.

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