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“I called Kyzar air at 5:30pm on Wednesday and by 4:51pm Thursday a new AC unit was installed. When you call this company a welcoming reassuring voice answers the phone and takes your information down and assures you a phone call back. Horacio calls me back and it was a breath of fresh air. I told him exactly what I wanted and within 26 hours boom a new system. Horacio you are a HERO! I thank you for your wonderful knowledge, customer service and prompt service. My tenants called so thankful and appreciated. I loved how you broke down on your proposal four different options and took the time to explain them to my mom. I never thought I would be so excited to see pictures of a new unit installed at my tenants home but I was smiling from ear to ear. Thank you again Kyzar air, the reassuring voice who answer the phone that sent the message to my Hero Horacio! Luv a forever life long customer!”

Sue S. (Google Review)

“I just had a brand new air conditioning system installed by this company. I thought they were fair and reasonable! The installation and customer service were great! Highly recommend!”

Cheryl B. (Google Review)

“It’s Saturday, over 90 outside and I have two small kids.. needless to say we were in a tough spot with our ac going out. They came in and replaced a part of my ac that another company said would be almost 3 times what I paid and were able to do it that same day and get us AC through the weekend. BEST COMPANY EVER! You guys have no idea how thankful me and my family are!”

Casey W. (Facebook Review)

“Excellent customer service and quality workmanship. It is always a pleasure doing business with Kyzar Air!”

Lara A. (Facebook Review)

“Honest, reliable & friendly. THE BEST AC COMPANY IN PALM BEACH COUNTY! Kyzar Air is the only AC company I use for my home, family & business.”

Kimberly S. (Facebook Review)

“Yencil and the team at Kyzar Air Conditioning are FANTASTIC. Purchased a new central ais system and everything went wonderful. They are fair, honest and caring. Yencil focused on my needs and was able to under promise and over perform. The whole team including the installers and all the folks in the office cared about me “the customer” . Very refreshing!! When most service folks just want to take your money. They really care. Thank you a job well done!”

Steve C. (Google Review)

“Darrell Heck from Kyzar Air was great and very professional! He was timely, thorough, polite, kind, and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of air conditioning service. Thank you!”

Chelsea G. (Google Review)

“I have been using this company for A/C service and repair since 2006. About 4 years ago they completely replaced my A/C system including the air handler and outside unit. I have had very few problems with their products or service. I always find them to be responsive and helpful. Yesterday, I called at 5:20pm because my system went down. Jay, the manger answered the phone and within an hour he had someone at my house to correct the problem. Wow! I wish everyone was as wonderful as they are.”

Eliot F. (Google Review)